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Blue dragon comes out of the water

青龙出水 :  Blue Dragon Comes Out of the Water 

On a midsummer’s trip to Iceland I was inspired by the geothermal qi of the water at Gullfoss or “Little Niagara” to practice some taiji moves. 
Blue dragon comes out of the water is move 17 (of 74) in Chen-style laojia (old frame) taijiquan form. This powerful move incorporates the coiling or spiralling of qi from dantain (yin) out to the elbows (yang). Some translations are of green dragon, which makes sense in terms of Five Elements acupuncture. Green is the colour associated with the organ Liver, the season Spring, the emotion Anger. A fearsome move, the left knuckles coil up underneath the ribs, which relates to the acupuncture point Liver 11 Zhangmen (“completion gate”) at the end of the 11th floating rib.
Xinjia (new frame) is another long form with smaller, inner chansi or reeling. Below is a video of the opening moves.