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Turning Japanese in the Year of the Pig

This year I’m offering patients the chance to experience Toyohari acupuncture. Based on the Chinese classical medical texts and meridian therapy, Japanese acupuncturists in the 1960s developed a non-invasive method of acupuncture and moxibustion based on pulse diagnosis. Like all traditional East Asian acupuncture the aim is to restore health by bringing the body back into balance, in terms of yin and yang, qi and blood, and the five elements or organs.
Toyohari works on the “root” by tonifying  (strengthening) the weakest meridians before focussing on the “branches” or symptoms. A variety of methods in the Toyohari toolkit include non-inserted gold or silver needles, inserted steel needles, moxibustion (heat treatment using rice grains or cones of mugwort on the surface of the body) and various techniques using large non-inserted needles to balance qi in local areas and in the organs via the meridian system.
In contrast to the no-pain no-gain or trigger point approach (which of course can also be very effective), Toyohari is a gentle method that rebalances the whole body. It is ideal for children and people with needle phobia or weak constitutions due to chronic illnesses and also conditions where needle insertion is contra-indicated in the UK, such as lymphodema or post surgery.
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Happy Year of the Earth Pig

Chinese New Year in 2019 starts on 5 February 2019 and ends on 24 January 2020. This is the year of the Earth Pig. The Pig occupies the 12th or last position in the Chinese Zodiac. The dominant presence of the Earth element under its Yin polarity has the effect of stabilizing and fixing the often joyous and ephemeral year. The Year of the Pig marks the end of a complete cycle of rotation of the 12 signs of the zodiac and signals the time take a well-deserved break, an opportunity to do the analysis of previous 11 years, in order to be ready to project ourselves more serenely into the new cycle that begins the following year, with the Year of the Metal Rat 2020.A period of joy and relaxation, the benevolence of the sign of the Pig will be felt in many areas throughout 2019. Good will and motivation are renewed and strengthened.

Lifestyle and Health

Those among the 12 signs of the Chinese calendar who feel a little febrile and unstable during 2019 must take special care of their well-being, even if that means they appear to lack consideration for their relatives. If the periods of doubt are fortunately fleeting, the questioning they entail is always beneficial. Changing lifestyle (or living environment) forces us to find within ourselves new resources that we did not even suspect.
Be careful not to indulge yourself in gluttony during the Year of the Pig 2019. Watch for the quality and portions of your meals if you want to keep getting into your trousers by the end of 2019. Practicing a regular sport activity adapted to your body type is highly recommended. Above all in 2019, it is essential to avoid idleness.
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3 warm-up exercises

I learnt these Hunyuan silk reeling exercises in the gardens of Heilongjian University for Traditional Chinese Medicine. A variation of Chen style taiji (tai chi) practice these were developed by Feng Zhi Qiang whose focus was on health rather than martial side of taijiquan.

They are excellent for shoulder pain, stagnation and stiffness by enabling qi or functional energy to flow through the body. Try them!