Acupuncture in Covent Garden

Based in The Piazza, the heart of Covent Garden close Charing Cross and Waterloo Bridge.

Acupuncture at Breathe London in Covent Garden

Mondays & Wednesdays

Jubilee Hall
30 The Piazza
Covent Garden
Tel: 07939 04358

Prices: Acupuncture & Tuina

Initial Consultation & Treatment £85/hr
Follow-up Treatments £75 for 45-60min
No/low income rate off-peak (email to find out more)

3 min walk from Covent Garden tube
6 min walk from Leicester Square
7 min walk from Charing Cross station
10 min walk from Holborn

Breathe London is situated in Jubilee Hall Gym on the southeast corner of The Piazza.

It's next to London Transport Museum and above Jubilee Hall Market, diagonally opposite the Piazza from Apple Store.

There is a stair lift up to reception.