Next Clissold Park Taiji & Qigong Sat 23 Oct

Spring: season of the Liver-Wood

Spring marks a time for coming out from our enforced hibernation, the change from Kidney-Water phase of winter to the more dynamic Liver-Wood phase of spring.

If the Kidneys have not been sufficiently replenished then you may be finding it difficult to spring into the Liver phase and feel in need of some acupuncture and taiji or qigong to help you adjust to a new season or phase of coming out of lockdown.

Taiji and qigong helps to keep energy flowing around the body via the meridian system. Springtime is associated with the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of the Qi around the body and for the storage of blood. It influences sleep and the menstrual cycle amongst many other functions of the body. As shoots rise upwards in the Spring, so the Liver energy can move upwards. When this is out of balance, symptoms such as headaches, migraines, dizziness and high blood pressure can arise.

By practising Taiji or Qigong, we can help to keep our energy flowing and enable us to adapt to the changes we are facing in our lives. The Liver is about planning and moving forward, whilst the Gall Bladder is responsible for decision making. This year especially, Spring is a time to move forwards in our lives and make the decisions that are right for us, so energy needs to be in balance & harmony in these meridians.

If you are struggling with some of these symptoms or need help moving forwards, acupuncture can also help. Toyohari acupuncture is a subtle, precise form of Japanese Meridian therapy using fine silver and steel needles and warming moxa on the surface of the skin to rebalance the qi (vital energy) and blood, restore balance, thus promoting the healing mechanisms in the body.


Spring back into action

It’s time to cautiously break the fast or time indoors and I am returning to in person taiji and qigong classes and reopening my acupuncture clinics at Breathe London Centres in Jubilee Hall Gym Covent Garden and the Colombo Centre Waterloo from 12 April with Covid-secure measures reinstated.


Sat 3 & 10 April: Clissold Park Taiji 

From Mon 12 April: Acupuncture at Breathe Covent Garden

From Tue 13 April: Acupuncture at Breathe Waterloo



Wed 21 April – 7 July: Morley College Summer Term

4-6pm Taijiquan Allcomers 

6.30-830pm Qigong