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Online Qigong & Lung exercise

The past year was undeniably challenging for most of us, yet what emerged from the confines of lockdown was the a sense of community and resilience. Back in March 2020 the weather was glorious and I started teaching daily zoom Qigong classes from my back garden. At the peak there were around 60 people joining me from all over the country and even across Europe.

It was an amazing experience to be able to connect friends and families united in learning qigong exercises in London and across the continent. We named the neighbourhood white tail-tipped fox cub Xiao Bai (Little White) and saw him sneak across the garden fence. My cats performed a Tom and Jerry show with a little mouse that I managed to rescue mid-class, whilst birds were chirping heartily enjoying the fresher air and freer skies.

Now in mid-winter lockdown, my clinics in the gym are closed again. Fortunately I can continue my acupuncture practice for urgent and high need patients in a colleague’s garden clinic in Camden. Xiao Bai the friendly fox is fully grown, and although the weather is less welcoming I am still in my garden teaching Mon & Fri Moving Qi-gong, to friends and family in Switzerland, Manchester and Deal and my local and new students whilst waiting to return to the community centre, college or park where I teach.

You are welcome to join the class. It’s open to all and free, with voluntary donations invited.
If you are in need of acupuncture contact me. If your case is urgent or high need I can book you into the Camden Clinic. Otherwise I can see you for a 30-minute online qi session.​

Yinxiang: Welcome Fragrance
(LI20 Acupoint)

This acupuncture point is the final point of the Large Intestine Channel. It is located at the side of the nose, level with the middle of the ala nasi – the round flared edge of the nostril. In Chinese medicine, the Lung is the yin organ and the Large Intestine the paired yang organ. Rubbing or pressing the point opens the nasal passages and expels wind and clears heat. In clinic I would use a needle at the point to help with congestion, discharge, loss of sense of smell, rhinitis or pain swelling, itching or paralysis of the face.

Dry Washing Yinxiang Exercises
This simple Qigong Lung exercise (see video) can be practiced daily to clear the nose and one student said it helped to clear her chronic cough.
Happy practice.