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Year of the Yin Metal Ox

According to the 2021 Chinese horoscope, this year is synonymous with hard work, discipline, loyalty and a fair appreciation of tangible reality. The characteristics that gain influence are constancy, a taste for traditions, but also the internalisation of feelings, discipline and making savings.

The energies of Wu Xing (Five Phases) and Feng Shui (Wind Water or the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings) promote stability and prosperity for short-term projects. Before launching any project in 2021, it is therefore essential to plan carefully the architecture of each stage, so as not to compromise the viability of the operation, even if this takes a little more time than expected. Such an attitude, which is both prudent and lucid, will ultimately have a positive and lasting effect.

The year, however, presents its share of obstacles to overcome. It is prudent to progress with rigour and determination on your path, to anticipate the difficulties to be overcome without giving up on your dreams. It is good to practice to focus more on what is real and concrete to avoid getting lost in illusions. Moreover, it is essential in 2021 to first prove yourself in the desired field of activity in order to be able to earn or keep your position.

Yin Metal

Metal is synonymous with durability, resistance and loyalty. It designates teamwork and interest in the community. The direction is the West and symbolically associated with sunset. At the level of the human body, In Chinese medicine and food, Metal is linked to the lungs, the colour white, to pungent taste and flavours. As opposed to the Yang Metal which was a sign of hardness and sharpness, like a sword to protect the home or a scythe to harvest crops, Yin Metal correstponds to a metal ornament whose object is to embellish or a table instrument such as a fork or spoon whose function is to satiate appetites.

Lifestyle and health

Last year was the first of the 12 year cycle with the cunning rat beating the Ox to the start. It was also the start of the metal phase and therefore no coincidence that we were warned that as the Metal element refers directly to the lungs, beware of respiratory infections. The Chinese horoscope for the year of the Ox advises you to favour the fresh air of the countryside or the mountains to recharge your batteries and stay healthy.