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Taiji & Qigong: Love at the Southbank

As part of the Southbank’s Festival of Love Pragma (Enduring Love) weekend, around 50 people joined in the taiji and qigong session taught by Laura in Jubilee Gardens.

This summer, the Festival of Love at the Southbank is inspired by seven Ancient Greek words for different types of love. On Sunday 3 August, as part of the weekend exploring Pragma: enduring love, Moving Qi was invited to teach a taiji class in Jubilee Gardens. Throughout the weekend participants joined in activities inspired by nurturing and cultivation, taking your time, and making together. Taiji is the ideal format for demonstrating Pragma; yang sheng means nourishing life or health cultivation and some of the slow, meditative qigong movements were used by daoist sages to promote health and longevity. Taiji is a martial art that requires discipline or enduring love in order to develop internal strength.