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Year of the Yang Metal Rat

The origins of the Chinese Zodiac go back a few thousand years. According to the myths, Buddha decided to call all the animals on earth. But only twelve came. In recompense, he assigned each of these animals a year on the cycle affirming that children born in that year would acquire the personality traits of the animal assigned to that year.

In order to decide their order in the Chinese Zodiac cycle, the animals held a very exciting race. The first one to cross the river would be granted the first year, the second to come in would be the second animal in the cycle, and so on.

The strong, hardworking Ox was in the lead. Suddenly, the clever Rat, jumped on the Ox’s back, he did not even feel the little thing getting a free ride. At the last second before reaching shore, the Rat jumped on land, winning the race! The Ox came in second, the Tiger third, and so it went… the happy-go-lucky Pig took his time and came in last. Thus the Chinese Zodiac and its twelve signs were born.

25 January 2020 – 11 Feb 2021: the metal element is linked with the colour white and symbolises autumn and when associated with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat is therefore a period during which the individuals having invested in important projects the preceding years can expect to reap the benefits.

A Metal Rat Year combines a witty, smart and bold Rat with the robust and firm characteristics of Metal, it heralds a year with vast productive and ingenious energy. Take advantage of the invigorating characteristics of Metal to accomplish anything you have been postponing. As the beginning of the 12-year cycle, the Year of the Rat denotes a fresh start, a new beginning. This could mean anything from starting a new project, acquiring new habits, rebuilding lost friendships and relationships.

What to watch out for? The bold and shrewd disposition of the Rat needs to be harnessed so it does not become guileful or irresponsible. Make the best of the opportunities and chances life will offer always keeping a good balance. This will be a very intense year and when you are too goal-oriented you might miss the joy of the journey.

Chinese medicine is about restoring balance. A fresh start or renewing old ties can mean practicing taiji and qigong. Energy or qi can be harnessed and circulated around the meridians of the body to calm and control the mind and improve physical wellbeing. In order to bring the body into balance, an acupuncturist will take your pulse, looking for excesses or deficiencies in the Yin and Yang meridians. Acupuncture needling techniques and tuina massage are used to bring the body back into balance.