Next Clissold Park Taiji & Qigong Sat 23 Oct

Chansigong: reeling silk

Silk reeling is the abc of Chen style taiji. I first learnt this series of movements with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang in 2001. Together with Zhanzhuang or standing qigong (see newsletter March 2016), these movements are the fundamentals, helping to develop the internal subtle energy and the ultimate power of taiji. The changes of energy from yin to yang can be felt as energy spirals to these four ‘stations’ in the body: hand, waist, dantian (energy centre) and back. In this video Grandmaster Chen teaches the Part 1 of Chansigong.

Hunyuan Warm-up exercisis

If you missed the 3 warm-up exercises last newsletter, then here’s the video for a different kind of reeling exercise to circulate Qi.

Regular practice can help to remove pain or stagnation in the arms or shoulders.